Scholarly Activity

• I am a PhD Scholar in GC University, Lahore since 2009.
• One of my research papers has been published in international journal of Radiation Effects and Defects. Title: “ Effect of laser irradiation on the Surface, Structure and mechanical properties of Al-Cu alloy in vacuum environment”
• I have sent my 2nd research paper in the international Journal of Laser Applications in USA for publication and it is in the process.
• Being a life member of “Pakistan Institute of Physics” (PIP), I have close interaction with Scientists and Scholars of different universities and colleges of Pakistan to learn and share innovative ideas regarding Physics. I also attended followings workshops/Seminars to update my knowledge.
• Attended a lecture on “ Building Bridges over troubled waters” delivered by Dr. akbar S. Ahmad dated, Dec 02, 2013 at FCC.
• Attended different session on “Quantum Thinking –Science Documentary Series” arranged by Benade Physics Society at FCC.
• Attended a lecture on “From Quarks to human” by Dr. Pervaz Hood Bhay, dated, Oct 25, 2013 at FCC.
I also attended following workshops at FCC arranged by CLT for my professional growth and development.
• On dated June 12, 2013 workshop was conducted by Dr. Waseem Anwar. Title: “Grooming Students for Writing an Academic Paper”
• On dated June 17, 2013 workshop was conducted by Dr. Hafiz Abdul Ghani. Title: “Time Management Skills (Put first things first)”
• Attended a workshop on “Stress and Anger Management” by Prof. Ivon Suneel dated, August 19, 2013.