Monas Shahzad, Ph.D.
I became interested in interactive computer graphics while I was an undergraduate at UC Berkeley. Therefore I went to UNC Chapel Hill for my graduate studies, working on tracking for VR and doing early work in Augmented Reality. For my dissertation, I built the first AR system that worked (where the virtual and real stayed registered together even while the viewer moved around). After graduating, I joined HRL, working on various projects in Augmented Reality and visualization. After that, I helped start a new Nokia Research Center in Santa Monica, where I led a team that focused on generating new forms of mobile media, incorporating Augmented Reality and pervasive computing technologies. Currently, I lead a team in Intel Labs. My team focuses on key enabling technologies for new forms of media including VR and AR, along with prototyping novel experiences. These enabling technologies include computational displays, head-worn displays, and computational imaging. I also advise Intel on Augmented Reality and other related technologies and experiences.