Gift for Physics Promotion
[Specifically Indo-Pak & Bangaldesh countries]
You are entitle to get Cash Award- Pak Rs. 5,000/-
[Not for help to needy students, only who like Physics!]

If you are studying F.Sc. with Physics as major subject.
1) Studying Physics in a regualr College
2) Depending upon on your Regular College Lecturer
3) Self-study at home.
4) Guidance/tuition (if needed) from your regular teacher.

Distraction from single-mind:
If you learn from your regular College teacher and then in evening learn from your tuitor. Probably you will get distracted/confused! Please read my book- 'Student's Persuaders'.
My Personal
I never taught tuition. Some of my best students never took tuition in Physics. And gone to Medical College and Engineering University!
Temporarily stopped due to overflow of students.


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Abdul Samad; Abraham Malik; Ali Murtaza; Alina Shelly; Aneeqa Masood; Ateeb Rizwan; Awais Karamat; Daniyal Fiaz; Faisal Mehmood;Fakiha Altaf; Hammad Khan; Hymn Yousaf; Irfan Maseeh; Isaac Benny; Laviza Basharat; M. Jamal; M. Sherjeel; Maham Sana; Mahmood Imran; Maria Pervaiz; Marium Nazir; Muhammad Ahmad; Muhammad Asif; Shiza Malik; Shulokh Yousaf; Suleman Azniah; Tanveer Ahmad; Unib Ali; Usman Ali; Usman Khalid; Zamran Pervaiz- [Updated- 32]